Template Gratuit Amazon FBA – Fournisseurs Alibaba

Voici un template que vous pouvez utiliser afin de développer vos relations fournisseurs Amazon FBA.


My name is Guillaume and I am sourcing companies for launching a new category of products in Canada. My purchasing director asked me to reach you out in order to work on this new project together. We would be glad to find a way to work with your company (XXXX).

Product Specs Requirements:

Product Dimensions : 190 x 2,5 x 61cm

Color : Red

Item Weight : 1.2 kg

Width : 25 inches

Material : Rip-stop

I have a few questions for you. Please enter in RED text beneath each questions :

  • May we get a sample of the product and how much will you charge, including DHL Express shipping to France, zipcode : (XX XXX)
  • Do you have the ability to package our product in a box with our color logo printed on it?
  • What would be the cost of this product per unit including FOB shipping for an MOQ of 300 units and 3000 units?

Also note that we would be extremely cautious about the quality of the products. It would be a large determinant of the manufacturer we select to partner with.

Please add me on Skype and send me your responses there: templategratuit@gmail.com

Note that I will not respond via ALIBABA.

Thank you,

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À propos

Je m'appelle Guillaume Heuzé et je suis consultant Amazon. J'ai commencé par apprendre à vendre sur Amazon en lançant ma propre marque de produits que j'ai développé entre 2018 et 2021 (business 100% bootstrap). J'ai revendu mon entreprise en septembre 2021 et en avril 2021 je suis devenu l'heureux papa d'un petit garçon. Mes services incluent : L'optimisation des campagnes de publicité Amazon PPC. Mise en place d'une stratégie Amazon DSP. Amélioration des fiches produits. Mise en place d'une stratégie performante pour augmenter son SEO Amazon. Services et conseils Amazon.

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